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Catalog your personal movie collection: movie files, DVD and Blu-Ray.
Scan your folders for files, or add boxed movies by title or barcode.
Automatic movie info (like cast, crew, plot etc...) plus cover images.

No more duplicates by cataloging your movies

Let's be honest, when was the last time you accidentally purchased a movie that you owned already? Were you ever in a store or shopping online, thinking "Hey, don't I own this already?"

No more duplicates: Catalog your movies now

Be prepared to never go through that again: Just catalog your movies!

Cataloging your movies enables you to have a trustworthy overview of your complete movie collection, including actor lists, crew lists, cover images and lots more.
The great thing about it is, you only have to provide the title of your movie, and Movie Collector will do the rest!

Creating a catalog of your movies has never been more fast and easy:

  • No need to enter movie details manually or to scan DVD images.
  • Just enter the movie title or scan the DVD barcode.
  • Automatically download all movie information (cast, crew, plot, etc...)
    and DVD details, including cover images.

Catalog movies using the online Blu-Ray and DVD database

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Try Movie Collector Free

Download your free trial edition. Available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Need a barcode scanner?
Then check out our CLZ Barry scanner app for iOS and Android.

  • Scan barcodes using the built-in camera of your phone or tablet.
  • Instantly transmit scanned barcodes to your desktop computer (Windows or Mac).
  • Or: scan barcodes while offline, then send them all to your PC or Mac in one go.

CLZ Barry is available for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) for US $7.99.
For more information : check out the CLZ Barry website.

Mobile barcode reader app

CLZ Movies mobile app : Check your Movie Catalog while on the road

Available for iPhone / iPod touch, iPad and Android for US $0.00

Imagine having your complete movie catalog with you at all times. Check out all your movie information on the fly, wherever you are, no connection needed.

Don't look any further because you have found the solution:

Browse your movie catalog on iPhone, iPad and Android

Use the CLZ Movies mobile app on your iPhone / iPod touch, iPad or Android to quickly access your movie catalog. Really useful when you're in the shop purchasing new movies as you can check if you may already have that movie!

  • Use CLZ Movies to check your collection and wish list on your mobile device
    Just export the data and images from the Windows or Mac edition (Standard or Pro).
  • Browse your DVDs and Blu-Ray's with full data and images
    No need to be online, all data is stored on your device for fast browsing.
  • Currently available for iPhone / iPod touch, for iPad and for Android.
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Catalog your movie files too, in only 3 easy steps

There's a big chance you also have digital movie files on your hard disk. Why not catalog them as well? It couldn't be easier, because Movie Collector can quickly scan and find those movie files to catalog them neatly in your database.

Based on the titles of your movie files you will get automatic movie information (cast, crew, plot, etc...) including cover images! All in only 3 easy steps:

  1. Scan your folders for movie files.
  2. Add the found movies to your catalog all at once, using either the file or folder name as the movie title.
  3. Let Movie Collector automatically download all movie information and images from the online database.

Organizing your Movie Files with Movie Collector

After you've cataloged your movies, use the Play button in the Details View, or Play button on the toolbar, to start the movie in your favorite movie player.

Try Movie Collector Free

Download your free trial edition. Available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Browse and play your movies on Media Center (Vista or Windows 7):

After cataloging your movies in Movie Collector, you can use the Media Center plugin to:

  • Browse movie cover images
  • View movie details
  • Play movie files from your cataloged movies

Check out these 2 cool Media Center screenshots:

Movie Collector MCE in Cover Flow View

Movie Collector MCE Movie Page:

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Movie Collector Connect : Share your Movie Catalog online

Subscription: US $30.00 per year (optional add-on to Movie Collector)

  • Publish your movie catalog online on servers
    Access your Blu-Ray and DVD inventory from any online computer or mobile device.
  • Share your movie catalog list with friends and family
    Just email them the link to your public movie catalog on the Connect website.
  • Connect is a fully stand-alone movie cataloging tool
    Connect is an (optional) add-on to the Movie Collector downloadable desktop edition for Windows or Mac, but it can also be used on its own, as an easy online movie cataloging tool.

Movie Collector Connect  Movie Collector Connect

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About the central online movie database:

The online movie database is the source of all your movie and edition information.
Access to this database is free and included with all editions (Standard, Pro or Connect).

The online database will instantly provide the following information:

DVD DatabaseBlu-Ray Database
  • Cover Images
  • Cast And Crew Listings
  • Genres, Studios, Release Dates
  • Plot Summaries (For Movies) And Episode Lists (For TV Series)
  • Edition Details like Format, Screen Ratios, Subtitles, Audio Tracks...

Cataloging made easy: No manual data entry. No need to scan your own cover images.

Try Movie Collector Free

Download your free trial edition. Available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Try Movie Collector Free

Download your free trial edition.
Available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Current versions:

Windows for Windows:
15.3.5 (Aug 13, 2015)

Mac OS X for Mac OS X:
15.3.3 (Aug 13, 2015) Customers
about Movie Collector :

Cataloging my DVD collection

"Everything seems to be pretty intuitive so far and I've had no problems using it - obviously "hubby" did a good job setting it up. I just retired and I'm (finally!) getting round to that long overdue task of
cataloging my DVD collection so this software has been an absolute godsend.
Many thanks to you both for your foresight in creating it. "
Brian Marchant

More fun

"Just looked at the new upgrades coming, can't wait to order. Looks like more fun to catalog collection!"
Carletta Mosby

Best software I ever owned

"I absolutely LOVE the Movies products. By far, the best piece of software I have ever owned. 850 movies now at my fingertips - and I can finally provide the catalog to family members, most of which love to come by and borrow them."
Kevin Kelly

The best

"Love your software; the best I've tried, for cataloging my collection!
As an artist, movie star images rank among my favorite subjects."
Dale Lewis


"This program, one made by collectors, is the best thing I have ever seen. Wonderful! It sure saved me an immense amount of time and aggravation! I really can't express enough how much I love your software. A few years ago, I used an older version of Microsoft Access to catalog about a thousand books, and that was such a major project that I soon gave up when I tried to use it to make a DVD catalog. At that point, I Googled programs for it, and your program appeared to be the best organized as easiest to use, so I purchased the pro version right away. Best investment I have made in a long time! Wow! Just so easy to use! I had a catalog of my 333 movies (And growing weekly) in no time at all. You made it a lot of fun to do, and now I don't even have to print it out.
I have a great way now to share the list with my friends and family, and I have the mobile app on my smart phone, too. Now I won't buy a duplicate DVD ever again. I can't think of anything better or easier.
Thank you very, very much!"
Jim Smedley


"Just received the Dec Newsletter and want to say Merry Christmas to you all!
Hope that you all have a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year! So happy that you are all doing well.

Can't tell you enough how wonderful the Movie Collectorz is for my DVDs. I love being able to catalog my dvd's AND be able to keep track of my DVD's when my daughter borrows them!
Take Care!"

Rebecca Arsenault

"Just download v8 and am loving updating my catalog. The episodes for TV series and the trailers being added. i love it. It is so worth the upgrade price."
Jay Orlikoff

Well thought out product

"I am very happy with the Movie Collector software and am excited about the improvements you've made over the last several years.
Our collection is just over 1,100 titles and we were able to catalog the entire collection in just one weekend with very few challenges. Thank you for an excellent, easy to use, well thought out product!"
Shay Chapman

2,500+ Movies

"Been using collectorz for about 4 years now on both PC and MAC. And now on iPhone!
Nothing comes close when cataloging my 2,500+ movies. iPhone version is fantastic."
Marcel Verheyden

Does What It Says

"WOW simple little program, easy to use, does what it says, and made my cataloging so much easier.
Thanks. I'm beyond happy with my choice of Movie DB software!!!!"
Dave Parella

A Breeze

"I am using the Movie, Music and Book Collector softwares and have all three on my IPod Touch.
These are great software that help me to catalog what's in each of my library and I can see at a glance on my Ipod Touch what I have already so I do not duplicate it.
Cataloging over 1,275 movies was a breeze with the Opticon scanner."
Bernadine Dill

I Really Enjoy It

"I have had this program for about ten years now. I really enjoy it.
It makes cataloging my large movie collection easy. Thanks guys."
Shannon Birkholz

It is a godsend

"This is the greatest movie cataloging software I have used. It is a godsend.
I have close to 400 movies and I can keep track of all of them now.
Thank You "
Steve Barnes

Our own Blockbuster store

"I was dreading cataloging my DVD movie collection and broke out into a cold sweat even thinking about it. I'm delighted that I found Movie Collector and I had my 418 movies in the database in about 2 hours!

It's an incredibly simple and fast program and I can't remember the last time I fell so in love with a piece of software!
There are so many movies my husband and I haven't seen and it's like we have our own Blockbuster store in our house!


Shawna Newton


"This is not a problem message.
I just wanted to say that, I have purchased the Pro Movie Edition and have an Opticon 2001 scanner.
In the last three days, since installing and cataloging, over 400 DVDs have been cataloged. It has been very easy to use.
Thanks for Great database."
Robert M. Lampson Sr.

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